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What makes Naturals Icecream Original?

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What makes Naturals Icecream Original?

If we asked you, what your idea of an iced dessert in India was 40 years ago, chances are you would say iced gola, kulfi and fruit flavoured ice creams but never actual fruit ice cream. This ice cream revolution happened all thanks to our founder, a gentleman by the name R S Kamath, the pioneer of fruit-based ice creams in India.

So, what makes Naturals Original?

Never before did anyone think about using fruit in creating an ice cream, everything that existed in the market were made with fruit flavouring, stabilisers and additives so that they could be stored for months. The reason for doing this was also the convenience involved because anything made with natural ingredients meant a lot more care and precautions.  But this is the challenge our founder wanted to take up for Naturals Ice Cream because he knew the true potential of fruit-based ice creams and the delicious end product he would land up with. He also knew the joy fruits brought to his life and wanted to spread that joy with others.

Natural Ice Cream Flavours are made with three ingredients – milk, sugar and fruits. Our milk has been sourced from the same vendor since inception and our fruits are carefully sourced from regions around the country that are renowned for it. Our recipes have pretty much remained the same from the start. We started off with 12 flavours and today we have 100+ flavours. We were the original brand to invent flavours like Naturals Tender Coconut Ice Cream, Jackfruit Ice Cream, Watermelon Ice Cream, Chickoo Ice Cream among others that are available around the year. We also initiated the concept of seasonal specials like Naturals Sitaphal Ice Cream, Naturals Mango Ice Cream, Pink Guava, Lychee and more that truly allows the fruit to shine. A few years later we introduced three new flavour concepts – festive flavours, Friday Funday flavours and our berry festival.

We wanted to be the brand that is a part of not just your everyday but also during your favourite festivals so that every time you’d google Naturals Ice Cream near me, you’d know your festive requirements are being taken care of. Our festive special flavours include our Ganesh Chaturthi inspired Prasadam flavour made with coconut and banana pulp, cardamom powder and kismis, our Malai Khurma for Ramadan that includes all the dry fruits eaten during the holy month, Thandai Ice Cream for Holi made with flavours of fennel, pista, almonds, nutmeg and spices and lots more.

We were also the original brand to come up with a flavour range specially dedicated to the berry fruit called our berry festival. These included flavours like blueberry, raspberry, mulberry and gooseberry. This range made berries an affordable eating experience for all.

In addition to the above we conceptualised Friday Fundays, where our team would invent a new flavour each week. Naturals was the only brand to do this. The reason for doing a campaign like this is to enhance the creativity of our team and also give our consumers a new delight to scoop into each week. 52 weeks, 52 flavours! Some of these included Coffee Cinnamon Ice Cream, Fig & Honey, Coffee bite Ice Cream, Gajar Halwa Ice Cream, Nutty Bar Ice Cream and a lot more innovations.

We can proudly say that we have been one of the original brands bringing together the most unimaginable flavours, the most unique dessert experience and the most consistent service throughout India by still keeping our Naturals Ice Cream price extremely affordable. After all, everyone deserves to ‘taste the original’!

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