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The story behind the success of Naturals Ice Cream

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What started out as a small store in Juhu, today, has become the definition of Mumbai’s delectable taste for desserts. A mixture of passion, creativity and determination is what it took to turn Natural Ice Cream into a success story. But like most successful businesses, success did not happen over night. The journey of R S. Kamath, founder of Natural Ice Cream, was long and accounts to a quarter of a century. 

The journey started in his younger years, while assisting his father, a fruit dealer, when he got his expertise in fruits. Later on, while working with his brother who ran a chain of eateries and served ice cream, he learnt all about ice cream. This powerful combination lead to the creation of Natural Ice Cream. However, like most journeys, there are always hurdles to cross. One such hurdle was the equipment used to make the ice cream. Because of its manual use in nature, it became quite a task to increase the production capacity and keep up with the rising demand. So Mr R S. Kamath had to develop and invent many new machines that could produce more ice cream using the same method. In the process he also developed a machine that could de-seed fruits in a very short time. 

So what is so unique about our brand that people keep coming back for more every time? For starters, Natural Ice Cream is deeply rooted in tradition and uses traditional methods to make ice cream. Only 3 ingredients go in making our ice creams- MILK, FRUITS AND SUGAR and most of them are sourced from India. We do not use any preservatives, stabilisers and artificial colours or chemicals, which is why our ice cream is delicious and wholesome. The ice cream contains less air because it has a low overrun which makes it rich and creamy.   

With 40 years of being in the business, 147 outlets across the country and the recently launched state-of the-art factory in Mumbai, Natural Ice Cream is still raring to go places. And it is the rare combination of traditional methods and modern technology that will take us there. 

Success Story so far:

  • First Outlet in Juhu Scheme, Mumbai launched on 14th Feb. 1984. The production of ice cream till 1990 happened behind the shop daily. 
  • In 1994, After 10 years of opening, 5 more outlets in Malad, Borivili, Bandra, Lokhandwala Complex & Vile Parle were opened, also in the course being one of the few homegrown brands adopting franchise model for expansion. It was in the year 2000, when the First outlet outside Mumbai in Pune was opened, followed by Ahmedabad, Goa, Hyderabad (year 2009) Bangalore and Jaipur (year 2010) Delhi in 2014 and recently in Kolkata in 2018.
  • Juhu Outlet became India’s highest retail selling exclusive ice cream parlour. (Rs 5 Cr + in financial year ending March 31st 2012). In 2015 our Connaught Place Store in Delhi broke Juhu’s record to register 8.5 Cr Sales in a year
  • India’s and probably worlds largest traditional/artisan ice cream maker with production reaching peak to 25Tons in a day-in the course consuming over 32000 Litre of Milk per day and around 15,000 Tender Coconut per day.
  • Featured amongst top 10 Homegrown brands in India by KPMG Consumer survey and was awarded as Icons of India by Economic Times.

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