Choco Bite Ice Cream

Our original Choco Bite ice cream will win you over. Mass-sourced cocoa from Ghana is used to make it. Hand-cut chocolate pieces are used in this flavour, which makes it truly hard to resist.

Orange Pistachio Ice Cream

The nostalgic flavour of orange barfi inspires our Orange Pistachio Ice Cream, which has a Turkish Flavour influence. Orange and Pista are combined to create Turkish delights with a twist that is both international and desi flavour.

Rose Walnut Ice Cream

Rose Walnut ice cream made of rose peta ls sourced from Rajasthan. The rich flavour is enhanced by roasted walnuts. This sweet dessert is ideal for a family get-together.


Tender Coconut ice cream is flavour in the country, it is a huge favourite among ice cream lovers. Made with authentic malai from soft coconuts sourced from Kerala and Karnataka, it tastes delicious.


Looking for a royal flavour to form a family get-together? Our Kesar Pista ice cream is the perfect choice. We import  Kesar from Kashmir and Pista from Iran to give you the best taste of ice cream.