What is Naturals Now?

It is the new experiential brand extension of Naturals, one that serves ice cream straight from the churner. At Now scoops are made right on the spot as and when you order. With Now, our attempt is to give you an experience that’s as fresh as a moment.

Is it the same as Naturals?

Yes and no. Yes it’s an ice cream brand from the house of Naturals and hence follows the values of Naturals. But Naturals Now has an identity and product line of it’s own. Like ice cream flavours, milk, sundaes, and ice cream platter that you get at Naturals now may not be available at regular Naturals store.

Can I have Naturals ice cream at Naturals Now or vice-versa?

Only family packs of regular Naturals can be ordered and picked from Naturals Now. But Naturals Now products can’t be ordered at regular Naturals outlets.

Can I order Naturals Now online?

Unfortunately, you can’t order it online as the Naturals Now scoops melt faster than a regular Naturals scoop. Like a moment it can only be enjoyed when you are living in the moment.

Is Naturals Now more expensive?

Naturals Now is a completely different ice cream experience independent of Naturals. It has it’s own pricing that may be higher than regular scoops but we are told it’s totally worth it.

Where all can I visit Naturals Now?

As of Now there’s only one Naturals Now at Juhu Scheme.

Juhu is a crowded place, will I get parking when I visit there?

Valet service is available from 7pm to 12 am. So don’t let your car stop you.