Established in 1984 in Mumbai, Natural ice cream has been pioneer in making artisan ice creams using only fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, milk and sugar. We add no preservatives or stabilizers in our product. This idea was conceptualised by Mr. R S Kamath, CMD of Kamaths Ourtimes ice creams Pvt. Ltd
From fruit to flavour From fruit to flavour
Form Fruits to Flavours

The Factory

Since the art was discovered, artisan ice cream has traditionally been made using a hand churner. Famously known as India’s highest retailer in manufacturing artisan ice cream, Natural Ice Cream has now created history. We have combined traditional and contemporary methods of making ice cream at our 25,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art factory in Mumbai, equipped with special freezers and other storage units. The new factory has helped us double the production capacity.

The Laboratory

Every stage in the process of making Natural Ice Cream has an interesting story to tell - right from picking the fruit from the tree until the time you take a bite out of that wholesome scoop from your bowl. All stages of are imperative as they are all interlinked. Here at the laboratory, we conduct tests and research to create new flavours we think will tickle your taste buds.

Making ice cream the traditional way

The best way to turn something into a great success is to use your knowledge about the one thing you are passionate about. The success story of Natural Ice Cream lies in the extensive knowledge of Mr. Kamath who created a revolution in frozen dessert in India. He used his expertise in fruit and the traditional process of making ice cream. Deep in tradition and true to our roots, Natural Ice Cream redefines the combination of traditional and modern creativity.

So here’s everything you wanted to know about how Natural Ice Cream is made:

  It starts with Raw Material
  Identifying the source of raw materials
  Identifying the vendors of the raw materials
  And then purchasing the raw materials

Q. What goes into making ice cream that is natural, wholesome and delicious?

A. Milk, Fruits or Dry Fruits and Sugar.
The most important ingredient - Milk

The Process

  Fresh Milk

Filtration and clarification – to separate solids from liquids
Evaporation – to eliminate microbes
QC Quality checks to look for microbial counts, ensure zero bacteria and to test each batch.

The Flavour


Fresh fruits from the vendor
De- seeding – initially this was done manually but due to an increase in output, machines are now installed for this purpose.
Pulping – Removing the edible portion of the fruit.

The Flavour

  Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits form the vendor
Crushing / QC
Dry Fruit Pulp
Putting everything together
The evaporated milk is stored in the freezer
Ice cream processing
Evaporated Milk
Batch freezing
Packing in tub
Spiral Freezer – after the packing, in -4 degrees, the ice cream is store in a spiral freezer instantly brings the ice cream down to – 18 degrees
All it takes is one hour and one turn.
One turn – One hour

Ice cream packaging

The Storage Warehouse
A room full of goodies. Once the ice cream is processed and packaged, it is stored in the warehouse where it will be dispatched to the various franchisee outlets